Review: Star Wars Jedi Survivor – Third Person Action Adventure Game (SPOILERS!)

I finally finished Jedi Survivor and it’s time to review the game. I was actually hesitating to pull the trigger because I am one of the people who were thoroughly unimpressed by Fallen Order and the reports about the glaring technical issues of Survivor made me think hard. But it is Star Wars, I want to like a Star Wars game, I would love to have a great single player Star Wars game… so I did buy it eventually.

So how is the game? Should you buy it? Is it worth your time and money? Short answer: no. Long answer, please read my (lengthy) review in which I try to explain why I feel that Jedi Survivor (as well as Fallen Order) is a very, very undercooked game that at best offers a very mediocre and lackluster experience when compared to similar games.

Also: really, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME JUST YET! It does have game breaking bugs. There are reports of serious savegame bugs that completely erase your progress, the savegame gets corrupted and that is it. There is no cloud save feature in this game. No backup saves. No manual save points you can fall back to. Performance both on PC and consoles is atrocious, even more so on PC, the game is a (micro)stuttery mess, not unplayable, I did manage to make it through the game, but it was never ever a truly smooth experience. Wait at least another few weeks, when Respawn has released a couple more patches that resolve all the glaring issues.

But then again, my advice is not to buy this game at all and if you really want to feel like a Jedi just play Mass Effect Legendary Edition as a bionic character, trust me, it is much more satisfying and fun. Or play a very similar but vastly superior game like Ghost of Tsushima or God of War 2018/Ragnarok. Your money will be better spent here.

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So click here or on the banner to read my spoiler review for Jedi Survivor and why I feel the game is at best mediocre. Or just head over to the article to discuss the game and share your thoughts, or tell me why I am wrong about everything and why the game is great. This is a spoiler review with story spoilers! So beware!

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