The Nielsen Streaming Charts For Andor Episode 11

It’s yet another Friday, and that means Nielsen have updated their weekly streaming charts! This week Andor episode 11 was included, the penultimate episode! And Andor viewership sees a slight increase compared to previous episodes! Click through for more!

Luthen gives the Empire the slip in episode 11

Nielsen have added the penultimate Andor episode, as usual we have a four week delay, so we only get the numbers now, one month after release.

And viewership for Andor saw a slight increase, Andor accumulated 455 million viewing minutes, an increase of 35 million minutes compared to episode 10, about 8% more. Only the pilot arc consisting of three episodes and episode 4 had better ratings. It’s quite common for a series to see a ratings increase with the finale, Andor is no exception here, only on a much lower level than any of the other Star Wars live action shows released previously.

However, because the competition is also quite strong Andor’s ratings are only good enough for #9 in the original series charts. Andor is still the most popular original series on Disney+, with no competition of course, and the #2 most popular series overall, only trailing Bluey (534 million minutes), an acquired series for preschoolers, that has 114 episodes.

Overall, Andor is still the least popular live action Star Wars series on Disney+ by quite some margin and only Ms. Marvel performed consistently worse, making Andor the 2nd least popular original series on Disney+. Should Andor have fantastic ratings for its finale it may barely beat She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, both series are about on par now if we compare average ratings, but She-Hulk had fewer episodes that were all much shorter, which will always affect the viewing minutes.

The charts are otherwise dominated by Netflix, as usual, Peacock makes a rare appearance with Yellowstone in the acquired series charts. Most popular (and only) Disney movie in the movie charts is Disenchanted, the sequel to Enchanted. It’s in 2nd place, but only has about 40% of the viewing minutes of the #1 movie on Netflix, Where The Crawdads Sing.

That leaves only Andor episode 12, the finale. As you may remember Disney decided to air the first two Andor episodes on network tv on the same day episode 12 was released, it will be interesting to see if that had any impact on the ratings for Andor’s final episode. We will know more next week!

The Nielsen Streaming Charts

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